Vietnamese cuisine has an influence of Chinese and French cuisine.

Simple but yet flavourfull with fresh herbs and ingredients. 


Tonkinese Soups also known as PHO: With the influence of Chinese and French, Vietnamese cooks have made the soup uniquely theirs. Spices, fragrant perfume and hours of boiling the beef bones, its is served with rice noodles and personalized condiments.


Vietnamese baguette also known as BANH MI:

The baguette was introduced in Vietnam during the time of the French colonial, by putting in their own touch: pickled vegetables, coriander and a special sauce Vietnamese has made their signature sub. Chilies are added to your liking.


Bird's Nest:The Vietnamese version of Chinese crispy noodles Lo Mien is our Bird’s Nest. Married with fresh crisp vegetables, break-up the noodles and dig in with our home-made gravy sauce.


Grills: The meat is marinated in one of Vietnam’s main ingredient: Lemongrass, then grilled and served on a choice of rice or vermicelli and a side of fresh salad and our traditional fish sauce “nuoc mam”.


We also have the famous 3 color drinks of beans and sweet coconut milk. Cafe seda is the strong and delicious ice coffee


Fried bananas to end the meal with a sweet taste! 


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